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Thread: ***XTD "9lb" flywheel review/6 puck unsprung clutch review!!!***

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2008-02-25 07:08:40
Originally Posted by coach
ACT was never someone else, they always made their own discs and PP. The rest of those are the same. XTD I would only use Flywheel.

Clutchnet is a nice clutch for our cars.


Actually ACT used Exedy discs for a long time. The only way to know it's a newer ACT made disk is to look for the yellow springs. (I confirmed this with the reps at PRI)
2008-02-25 16:14:01
where do you even find the exedy clutches for our cars. I have a friend with a 600whp civic with a six puck exedy. Stiff pedal, but pretty smooth overall.
2008-02-25 22:19:15
Originally Posted by Johnny
Exedy Clutches on the other hand seem to be like OEM. My boy has that kit in his SE-R and hasnt had any problems with it at all.

I got an Exedy OEM right now. Holding 8 psi until about 5k rpms, then it starts to slip.

I'm gonna ditch the full face one and throw a ACT 4 puck sprung in there for better holding ......I'm actually impressed with Exedy stuff honestly.

They have stage 1 which is the P/N 06802, and they have a stage 2 which has the 3 puck disc. I forgot the P/N....
2008-02-28 06:34:44
Good luck with that lol. Youll hate your car if you daily drive it!
2008-02-28 12:23:00
Originally Posted by Johnny
Good luck with that lol. Youll hate your car if you daily drive it!

Yeah it is my DD, but i had that similar setup before so i'm used to the chatter in 1st gear ....
2008-02-28 15:21:59
I was looking into purchasing the xtd setup it SEEMS like a good deal but I haven't seen as many first hand reviews as I would like. BTW I purchased a fidanza flywheel which was advertised to weigh 9 lbs, but in actuality it weights 10.5 lbs. But I still love it! Best mod on my P10 so far.
2008-02-28 16:38:02
i really think that clutches are the #1 thing to not cheap out on, its what sees and puts down all the power your car is going to make, rather it be naturally aspired or turbo, a good name brand clutch that will have some relieability is a must.
2008-02-28 17:28:46
I dont know how you guys are getting these heavy Fidanza's. I put my Fidanza on a Digi scale when I got it brand new and it came out to 8.8lbs.

91greyDET- you should really look into the clutchnet sixpuck unspring setup I have. It doesnt chatter AT all. Mine is also stil breaking in so it grips more and more everyday! But its way easy to drive.

I also think that people dont understand how importat choosing the right clutch is. Alot of people here jsut throw as much clutch at there car as they can. Unless you have like 400-600whp then an ACT Extreme pressure plate or any other harsh pp and a really aggressive disk isnt for you. Why? 2 reasons: 1 youll most likely start taking out trannys. 2 youl actually LOSE time in acceleration because with a clutch like that it doesnt "slip" into the next gear it "chirps". Chirping is cool and all but everytime you chirp the next gear you lose time. You want to be able to shift with your clutch and once you get into the next gear the clutch just grips with no chirp.
2009-08-12 19:28:35
Johnny how about an update ??
2011-03-03 13:29:13
Hey guys I am planning also to buy an XTD flywheel, just to replace the stock one vs a lighter, 9 oder 10,5 lbs is not so important for me. I am going to use stock clutch an pressure plate. When I have luck my engine will have about 165 bhp at the crank. What would you say, is it recommendable to buy? Are there any bad point about this flywheel.
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