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Thread: Thinking about getting out...

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2010-09-18 15:15:11
Thinking about getting out...
I was so excited to have my car back, got it back on Thursday. It had been about 8 months since I had driven it. As some of you know I was having some boost issues when I got it back but I got that figured out.

Well today on my way to work I was getting on it in third gear ~18psi and I shifted to fourth at about 7k rpm and crunch then redline. I shelled out my B15 transmission, the good one. I was only on street tires! I've never even run slicks on this transmission.

Basically, I just spent all my money getting the car up and going and now it's useless... I don't know what to do but I probably won't be fixing it anytime soon, or ever. Kind of fed up.
2010-09-18 15:17:22
Yea that sucks bro,hopefully you stay wit it
2010-09-18 15:22:16
well. it all depends if you want to spend that much more money to get the car BACk to a good point. i would be burnt out if i was you hence why i can see why you would want to get out of the scene.
2010-09-18 15:25:10
It's just I don't know where to go from here. I can't afford the six speed swap, and I guess I'm too hard on transmissions. I thought these were good for a lot of abuse and I can guarantee I'm nowhere near the high hp levels some guys are that drag with these transmissions. I can't afford to do anything else with the car at the moment.
2010-09-18 15:33:05
If it was an un-sprung clutch I'd place half of the blame on it.
2010-09-18 15:36:03
yeah that basicly puts you between a rock and a hard place, only thing you can do is hold onto it as long as its not your only car, and wait till you come into some more money. and then go from there. but replacing either clutches and transmissions wont be cheap, that really sucks.
2010-09-18 15:36:25
Yea it's unsprung. I talked to Miko just now, and I guess I'm going to start looking for a 1.8L transmission to steal the gears out of. Is there anything I can do to those gears to make them stronger?
2010-09-18 15:39:18
i mean you can shot peen the gear setup and treat them, but thats only going to gain you maybe percentages over stock handling capacity. you can magnaflux the case to make sure its in good order.

shot peening and cyro treating will increase the strength though.
2010-09-18 15:40:35
Its funny, i went through 3 gearstacks after putting my twin disk in, I finally started putting Valvoline 85w140 conventional gear oil in and just took it easy on the street.

Street tires are not forgiving at all. The initial shock during quicker gear changes is just too much for the weak trannies. Ive never broken a gearstack at the track on slicks. Its been proven that slicks will take about 80% of drivetrain shock away just through the sidewall depending on what slick your running and pressure. But a 24.5X8X13 slick at 8psi will take pretty much all the shock away no matter what clutch your using.

The sprung clutches do help as well. So it could be a combination of things. All i know is that i just stopped shifting hard into 3rd and 4th and just shifted easy and let the clutch out easy even when romping on the gears and never had issues after that. I just didnt want to see a 30k mile 99P11 gearstack go down the drain.

Put another trans in, throw some heavy gear oil in there and just take it easy. Our trannies just cant take that abuse.
2010-09-18 15:42:30
Building the Bulletproof Transmission, Secrets of the Pros > MotoIQ > Magazine Articles

Like GT2871RBLUBIRD said though, it gets you some protection but not lots. Frankly I'm surprised you were able to destroy 4th on a B15 transmission. That's not right... =/
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