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Thread: Block Rebuild Questions

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2010-09-15 16:38:57
Block Rebuild Questions
So a friend of mine gave me his boosted VE stock bottom end, with a spun bearing(to say the least who knows what else). If my Plans are to rebuild(2.4) is it worth rebuilding the block or starting off fresh with another block? Or does it come down to how bad the pevious damage is?
2010-09-15 17:04:57
it depends on how much damage was done to the rod journals on the crank.
2010-09-15 17:06:02
Rebuild is a very vague term. If you plan on doing a high dollar, high horsepower big bore VE, I would probably spend some time and money blueprinting the block in which case, it wouldn't matter whether it has a spun bearing or whatever unless the block itself is severely damaged. If you just want to get parts and throw 'em in there, just make sure everything is within spec and you'll be fine.
2010-09-15 17:15:29
the plan is for the block will be sent to mazworx for bigbore/stroke, im just worried about the current damage...

when i can ill get pics of the damage and possibly any other problems
2010-09-15 17:24:28
It should be fine. If you're sending it to them, they will make it work but a spun is not a big deal.
2010-09-15 18:58:21
i agree if you are sending it out, they will make sure its all in good standing before commiting to any work on the block
2010-09-15 19:18:04
Yah you're going to get a new crank anyway so go ahead and use that sucker.
2010-09-15 19:33:40
Sounds good, thank you guys. I got the block now I just need more funds... here I come 2.4VE
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