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Thread: Clutchmasters

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2010-09-14 00:04:55
Let me preface with the fact that I am aware that the topic of which clutch to choose has been covered ad nauseum. I am looking at picking up a new clutch for my s13. The stock one that came with my motor set is slipping and I will not chance blowing up my car. I have searched this forum as well as a few 240 specific but I trust the members here much more than anywhere else.

That being said I have no wishes of replacing my clutch only to outgrow its capabilities after a short period. I am looking at the CM FX400 4 puck. It is rated to hold 170% over stock which if we use the crank numbers off of a stock RWD DET puts it's holding power somewhere north of 500 horsepower. My goal for the car is to put 400 down at the wheels. I was also considering the FX300 for a softer pedal but it is only rated to 110% or just over 400 HP. Since I don't want to have to replace this again anytime soon I figure I am better off with the FX400. This car is daily driven right now and will most definitely be seeing some track time.

I am really looking for anyone with first hand experience with Clutch Masters FX series. How do they hold up? Any known issues that I may have missed? How do they compare to the other popular aftermarket clutches? ACT? JWT? Exedy?

Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

Clutch Masters FX400
2010-09-14 00:10:15
one of my buddies runs a fx clutch in his turbo b14 and he has never had a problem and it drives nice in my views
2010-09-14 02:04:58
i run one personally. its a great clutch, holds alot of power, alot of boost, and has a stockish pedal feel, its a little stiffer pedal feel but not like others like the extreme act pp or heavy duty pp. i would recomend it
2010-09-14 02:25:47
i'm not familiar with the chassis, do the s13's have a hydro clutch? if they do i would say just get the FX500. I converted my b13 to hydro and I have confirmed with another guy that its feels just as soft if not softer than stock with the cable. and its super easy on the street. i daily my b13 and there is little to no chatter on the 4 puck unsprung disc.

my dad also ran a setup that was rated just enough to hold the power in his supercharged gti vr6 and it lasted a bit over 200k of daily, auto-x, cross country trips and a 17 y.o. ripping it up. so clutchmasters comes HIGHLY recommended from me.
2010-09-14 02:30:33
Yes it is a hydraulic clutch. So I would be better off just getting the FX500? That is good news as it is actually cheaper than the FX400. What kind of power are you putting down with your FX500?
2010-09-14 16:58:00
I haven't dyno'd yet but i have a holset hx35@18psi and s4's so me and a friend were hoping somewhere between 350-400whp

Coheed was or maybe still is running a pressure plate like this with the sintered iron disc and it was holding his ~500whp setup
2010-09-14 23:45:51
Every product I have used from ClutchMasters has been top notch. Either way the pedal feel is not that bad at all
2010-09-14 23:52:15
Okay so I have, in part because of this forum, decided to go with the FX500. Now my question is, What is everyones opinion with regard to a 4-puck or 6-puck? Reasons for said opinions? I will be honest I have never paid much attention to this prior.
2010-09-15 02:57:22
the engaugements are slightly different from the 4 puck to 6 puck. i think this would be slightly less obvious with a hydraulic clutch vs cable clutches. the 4 puck might be a little more on offy. verse the 6 puck being a little more forgiving. this is less noticable with a 4 or 6 puck sprung clutch, but obviously this isnt a sprung clutch setup.

is this a drag car, or street car. daily driving might be harsh on a 4 puck unsprung, bu to each his own.
2010-09-15 03:15:55
The car is daily driven right now. Goal is a 400+ hp car that I can drive to an HPDE event, compete, then drive home. I have heard that a 6-puck clutch is more likely to fail, not saying it will, just a greater chance than a 4-puck. Anyone know if there is any truth to that?
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