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Thread: OBD1 Engine Harness Question

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2010-09-13 18:25:20
OBD1 Engine Harness Question
I probably should know the answer to this one already, but what exactly makes up a complete harness? I FINALLY found an uncut harness at the yard. I took the one that goes into the injector rail, and the section that connects to the ECU. Am I missing something else?
2010-09-14 04:08:49
There are several complete harness in a car?

You might have missed the part that is connected to the alternator, but you seem to have covered it.

Then again, that part going to the rear lights is also a harness, so you probably went to the yard for a reason
2010-09-14 11:48:54
I meant complete engine harness. You're right, I did miss the part going to the alternator. Dont think I'll need the part going to the rear lights, but I"ll be sure to keep it in mind. Thanks.
2010-09-14 17:22:52
The engine side goes to the ECU and over to a connector by the battery. The alternator is part of the engine bay harness.
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