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Thread: Interior Lights Don't Work!!

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2010-09-10 04:09:23
Interior Lights Don't Work!!
Me and my buddy have been trying to figure this out since I pretty much bought the car a week or so ago. It's a 94 Sentra Se-R, and none of the interior lights will work. The gauge cluster works, but the lights do not light up except the clock. But when you turn the headlights on the clock light goes out. The hvac switches work, but there's no lighting to it. There is a sunroof and interior light, but the sunroof switch is cut off, but it still operates, and there is no light bulb in the dome light, but it gets power. I have no idea what's going on and would really like some help.

And yes the bulbs in the dash are not blown. We sent power to the cluster and it lite up. It does have an after market radio which we pulled and saw that the red/blue, red/yellow wires are not connected to anything. And these are the power wires for the interior lighting. But they turn off when you turn the headlights on and they do not dim from the dimmer switch.

ANY help appreciated!!
2010-09-10 05:37:43
ok so dome light works, gauges work, radio works, havc and other switches work correct? so the only thing i can think of that might be bad is the dimmer switch. if everything is working properly. thats why non of the main little bulbs are not turning on.
2010-09-10 16:20:27
yeah but the dimmer is getting power and giving out power... We tested it, but maybe it's just open instead of the thermistor (sweeping thing right?)? lol Could it possibly be the headlights switch itself. And this still doesn't explain why the clock light is on then off with the lights on. But I think the clock is on a separate circuit.
2010-09-10 20:09:32
the dimmer has 3 wire. 1 power, 1 negative, and one positive that is regulated by the dimmer. with a test light put it to ground then test out the positive wire that regulates the lights. you will see your the light on your test light will regulate the light out put when you dim it. if that then works. then you can then cross out your dimmer switch as the problem.
2010-09-10 21:34:15
this is true. I'm just wondering if the stock radio has anything to do with it. Can anyone with a B13 put some input on this? With an aftermarket radio and the red/blue, red/yellow wires...

I'll try that out also man.
2010-09-11 02:09:26
Dimmer switch bad, good call. It never dimmed the test light, swapped my se-l one in and BOOM! Interior lights! Now to the junkyard this weekend to find one. Thanks man!
2010-09-11 03:00:24
Lol eric
2010-09-11 03:26:48
Originally Posted by LikeTheMovies
swapped my se-l one in and BOOM! Interior lights!

Holy Crap! Good to know that using an se-l dimmer switch will cause the interior lights to explode! The more you know...
2010-09-11 03:45:43
hahaha sounded like a good word to emphasize haha
2010-09-11 16:14:17
yea my dome light on my headliner in my b14 isnt working but everything else it. I changed the bulb and theres a fuse in place. Any ideas.
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