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Thread: Bolt needed, can't find the damn thing

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2010-09-07 21:48:51
Bolt needed, can't find the damn thing
I've been driving around, calling around, and scowering the net for a bolt that apparently is unfindable.

It's a 24mm x 2.00 and while I can get it in the 100mm length partially threaded, I realistically only need it 30mm. I could easily settle for a longer bolt so long as it's fully threaded to the head, but that seems impossible to find anyhow.

Oh, and if I'm going to be picky, I want it in stainless, not hardened. I have a hardened 100mm pt bolt ordered from Fastenal that I'm going to see if it will work, but if anyone can find one of these behemoths fully threaded, I'd be eternally greatful. Stainless gets you bonus points.
2010-09-08 21:02:15
What do you need it for? I can't think of anything on the car that uses 24mm. At least in that length. I think cam bolts are about that size but not that long. Maybe the crank pulley, too, but also not that long.
2010-09-08 22:34:24
it's to plug the EGR outlet on the exhaust mani.
2010-09-08 22:42:05
If you have an extra exhaust manifold laying around, take off the bolt that the o2 screws into and use an oil drain plug on top of this bolt to plug the egr outlet.
2010-09-08 22:43:35
I want it done right. I don't want it looking like crap on a nice stainless header.
2010-09-08 23:11:27
where the egr comes into the header you can stick a nickle there and it will block it off but then you just have a pointless egr pipe
2010-09-08 23:43:34
Junk yard..... IDK.
2010-09-08 23:53:09
Originally Posted by WingmanSR20
I want it done right. I don't want it looking like crap on a nice stainless header.

PM sent.
I can probably get one made for you.
We even have the go/nogo M24x2 gage in our quality dept.
Various grades/sizes of stainless hex stock on hand.
2010-09-09 01:25:33
Weld a bolt .
2010-09-09 01:32:53
2mm pitch sux
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