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Thread: Overheated last night - doesn't want start today

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2010-08-27 20:16:52
Two responses to this.

Consult cable. I matched my coolant temp sensor to the gauge above to verify. Both are BANG on accurate.
2010-08-27 20:45:41
Ben- I didn't feel like reading your post :o
2010-08-27 21:17:59
Went to the stealership this morning and purchased a oem thermostat. Now I have to get my compression tested ASAP.

2010-08-27 21:57:19
collings fans come on at 210 btw ... come on son!
2010-08-27 21:59:33
test your thermostat before installing - tie a string around it and boil it in water. if it popps open, great. use it.

I've had more than one thermostat directly from the mfg be faulty!!!
2010-08-27 22:19:09
are you sure your radiator fans come on? you can get a issue like this if your fans arent comming on
2010-08-28 02:00:41
The rad fans came on at 210.

2010-08-28 02:11:10
Jensen - Funny, because the factory bin for ctl fan control is 212F...

2010-08-28 02:15:57
Originally Posted by Cliff
Jensen - Funny, because the factory bin for ctl fan control is 212F...


I don't know wtf you are talking about cliff... Bin says 212F.
2010-08-28 02:32:18
I got it started again about an hour ago, but it needed to be revved to stay alive. If compression is Fubar - Is there a chance that more damage will occur if I started it by revving it constantly and driving it up on driveway? This might be a dumb question. LOL!!!

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