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Thread: What do you think's wrong here? (vid)

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2010-11-08 00:13:38
I had a exhaust leak but I just had my header all welded up so now all is fine and I don't have the rotten egg smell from the exhaust so I don't think it's the cat. I've checked the fuel injectors and they are ticking and when I pull them off individually it will die down on each plug.

Checked the egr vacuum also and it was good as well
2010-11-09 09:26:47
2010-11-17 18:56:06
I would think ignition. how's your rotor/cap look?
2010-11-17 22:00:55
Originally Posted by neptronix
I would think ignition. how's your rotor/cap look?

It looks fine, they were bot replaced in feb
2010-11-17 22:04:30
spit on your finger an jam it in there
2010-11-17 22:20:49
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
spit on your finger an jam it in there

Lol i've been shocked by the ignition coil already on this car and it feels inbetween getting shocked with those "trick" lighters and a taser lol my old wires were terrible
2010-11-17 22:24:37
i meant the tail pipe
2010-11-17 22:36:49
Lol I don't even know what that does... :P

Water only comes out the exhaust
2010-11-23 00:16:03
I got the idle to run smoothly by cleaning out the egr passages, they weren't horrible but they weren't clean lol... I drove it about 15 miles to the store to warm it up and that's when it was good.... I drove to pick someone up and then the idle was crappy again =\
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