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Thread: My timing issues...

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2010-09-02 20:40:59
BC2 or similar cams Cliff? That's good to know that even that far off won't run the valves into the pistons.
2010-09-03 03:28:02
Let me throw this cat out of the bag.

I tried to start the car with the exhaust cam turned counter clockwise one tooth. It would not start.

I fully retarded the dizzy, no start.

I fully advanced the dizzy, no start.

I tried one more time with the dizzy fully advanced and this time, gave her full throttle. Car started and I heard a vicious noise. My valves were slapping pistons. I turned it off immediate after that brief rev to ~3000 RPM pulled it back apart and undid what I just did.

Nothing was off the first time, nothing is off now. But the dizzy now shows 15* more center than before.

I know what I heard when it started. I can even provide pictures of exactly how many teeth I had between both gears when I turned that exhaust cam counter-clockwise one tooth. Valves kissed pistons.

The one thing I do not understand is why that dizzy now shows 15 at the proper place compared to before. Cliff said maybe the slack was not on the exhaust gear to crank when I originally installed the cams. Maybe that is it, I really do not know or care. The car runs better than ever right now.
2010-09-03 05:12:54
Hey man, if you take it apart and put it back together and each time it magically runs better and better, maybe do it a few more times and you'll have a 250 WHP N/A beast on your hands!
2010-09-03 10:22:50
Originally Posted by BenFenner
BC2 or similar cams Cliff? That's good to know that even that far off won't run the valves into the pistons.

Yes, BC 2's. Again, it may have been luck?
2010-09-03 15:49:18

Now that is what my distributor sits at to read 15*

Weird because the car feels like it runs better.
2010-09-03 19:53:57
what are you using to check timing? Are you using Consult?

I don't trust the rain dance any more. I only trust Consult because I *know* it's in timing mode and where everything is supposed to be.

Originally Posted by BenFenner
Yes it means the cam timing is 20 degrees off (one way or the other). It's really not good at all.

Originally Posted by Coheed
Correct me if i am wrong, but one skipped tooth would be 10*. There are 36 teeth on the gear. Car could possibly still run decent on a skipped tooth. 2 skipped teeth and I don't think it would wanna start.

How bad are we talking here? Noticeable or just a little? 20* off seems VERY noticeable. Thing is, w/T25 @ 12psi and S4 cams I was keeping up w/an E46 M3. I'm thinking if I skipped a tooth(cam/crank) my car wouldn't be that fast.

2010-09-04 04:40:15
I am using consult to lock it into timing mode and have been for the duration (and pictures) in this thread.

I cannot do the rain dance anymore with my ECU. I had to find another way and I use Nissan Datascan through consult port.

Like I said before, I rotated my exhaust cam retarded (counter-clockwise) ONE TOOTH and the only way the car would start was the dizzy pushed all the way forward. And that even had me slapping valves on my pistons on top of that.
2010-09-19 02:59:13
My timing is still spot on and I still do not know the anomaly. I think Cliff is right because everything else does not make sense to me.

When I installed the BC stage 2 cams, I had the chain with some slack on the exhaust cam down to the crank gear. This caused play in the system and permanently, SLIGHTLY advanced my timing.

I installed the intake cam from a highport earlier and had no problems. But that is not connected to the dizzy so it has nothing to do with my problems.

Either way, it is back to normal now. Weird, wild, wacky stuff.
2010-09-20 02:09:12
Do you have a datalog that you can share us?

I did some logs to my car and have been trying to understand the behavior of the stock timing graph, would be nice if I could compare between a couple of logs.
2010-09-20 03:15:55
I can try to get a log sometime. I will let you know.
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