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Thread: obd2 engin in obd1 car

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2010-08-04 12:28:39
obd2 engin in obd1 car
im putting an obd2 motor in my obd1 NX. I was just wondering what sensors need to be changed to make this motor work on the stock wiring harnest. and also do i need to get my dizzy cut to fit?
2010-08-05 00:30:21
2010-08-05 01:05:43
Search, there are plenty of threads on this.
2015-08-01 00:20:50
Old ass thread but BUMP this shit up.
I haven't found anything but dead ass threads like this.

I learned through people TELLING me to use the following from the obd1 engine:
-ignition coil
-power transistor
-obd1 injector harness w/ the obd2 injectors
-obd1 CST
-obd1 TB

The dizzy and it's harness HAD TO be used due to the harness and the OBD2 harness not working with the OBD1 wiring.
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2015-08-01 13:34:35
Distributor wiring is pretty easy. You can get rid of the external coil and use and SR20 internal coil/ignitor distributor or vice versa. The 99 or 2000 up and VE distributors all work the same as the OBD1 dist. I went the other way with my OBD2 and put the OBD1 external coil / ignitor so I could use a MSD 6AL for much better spark.

Also is the new motor a highport?

Distributor wiring links: (most of this shows VE distributor but they all work the same way)


HOW TO: wire a ve distributor into a de harness!!
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2015-08-01 13:43:11
Man I use to be such a noob

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2015-08-01 13:51:09
It's the engine I got from you Nate (the '99 g20t).

We are using the obd1-
dizzy & cap w/harness, power transistor, ignition coil, cst, o2 sensor, injector harness, maf, TB and tps,

Injectors, distributor shaft
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2015-08-01 13:56:18
obd2 engin in obd1 car
Originally Posted by D-Unit121
Man I use to be such a noob

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We all start from somewhere.
Just would be nice if people shared their findings instead of leaving a thread hanging
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