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Thread: oil catch can pcv 20v valve cover question

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2010-07-24 18:14:27
take a look at this link. The second picture with the with pcv going to catch can and top right vc nipple going to catch can. Is that incorrect? If i did that i would need to plug the nipple on the intake manifold where the pcv hose would usally go

2010-07-24 19:30:00
Originally Posted by Andreas
a bunch of fuckry

LMFAO!!! Best explanation right here. Well Done, Miko.
2010-07-24 19:37:23
s132nr that picture of one of ashton's setups is not right.

The way he did this isn't optimal, however it made sense for him because he didn't have a PCV provision on that intake manifold and his car is mostly a drag car, so he's not especially concerned with partial throttle crank case scavenging.

There are much better ways to do it.

That way it's done in that picture basically everything is vented to atmosphere.
2010-07-24 19:40:47
Originally Posted by s132nr
so ur saying for port 2 on catch can, run a hose back to the nipple of the intake manifold where the pcv would usaully connect to?

Yes. Assuming I'm imaging the same catch can that you have.
Here's the general idea with pics


Originally Posted by s132nr
but if i ran the second hose from the catch can back to the intake manifold wouldnt that be sucking it back up since its vaccum. I have a lowport btw
Yes. That's the idea. That's the way it is from the factory. You don't want to alter the way things are from the factory, except to strategically put catch cans in the pathway of some of the lines.
2010-07-24 19:45:30
2010-07-24 20:39:07
thanks ben. It worked great. Ill open the catch can up in a week or soo and see what i find. SHould i leave the catch can empty or put some of that wool stuff in it or watever is usaully in it.
2010-07-24 20:45:58
It's all about strategery.
2010-07-25 02:58:37
Originally Posted by s132nr
SHould i leave the catch can empty or put some of that wool stuff in it or watever is usaully in it.

It couldn't hurt to lightly pack the thing with steel wool if it seems to lack in baffles and perforated sections.
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