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Thread: Best way to adjust window travel?

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2010-07-24 15:23:53
I won't be doing it for a while. I have way bigger car-fish to fry.
2010-07-24 19:18:28
Originally Posted by iceracerdude
Ok, I've got the same problem on the driver's door (93 se-r 2dr.) and took my door apart only to find the same as you guys, no provision for adjustment! So I ended up Lubbing the tracks and it was better, but still obviously moving away from the b-piller, and then buttoned it all back up.
A couple of day's later I was looking in my factory service manual (yes I'm lucky enough to have gotten one) and what they say to do is to actually flex that runner in the middle forward or backward to make the adjustment.
See I did the same as you, and was looking to loosen those center bolts, but realized they made no provisional slotting for that!? So I haven't taken the thing apart since I read that, but the first guy who does, let us know if that factory cheeze ball fix does it.
Another thing I was just thinking after watching that sissy track
"flex away" from the b-piller, would be to just fab up a little extra brace to help give it some back bone so to speak? I'm giving that a lot of though.

I pulled a part the other door today and I'm not sure which part you were speaking about but the track the window slides up and down on is pretty solid on my car. I gave it a bit of push and pull and it didn't budge. Maybe it takes more force than I was willing to try? Also, my removal of the one bolt on this door (as described in a previous post) didn't improve the situation much, although this window wasn't/isn't nearly as difficult to roll up as the other one was. The other one is still working like a charm!
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