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Thread: Best way to adjust window travel?

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2010-07-19 01:53:02
Best way to adjust window travel?
On my B13, when the pass. side window is cranked it starts traveling up away from the B-pillar. Then, about 3/4 of the way up, it pops into place and is flush against the track on the B-pillar the rest of the way up. All the way back down it is flush against the B-pillar. Coming up, when it isn't flush, it is very difficult to wind up, often eliciting swear words from the gf. What is the likely culprit of this? I hate digging around in the door but I'd like to get this solved.
2010-07-19 02:11:45
probably a worn out regulator or window run

I haven't messed with many non power windows. I've taken apart hundreds of power windows and there is usually very little adjustment.

B13 door panels have WAY too many screws in them. Most newer cars have less than 4.
2010-07-22 23:45:54
I finally got the door apart and I figured out that when I roll the window up, the top of the window nearest the side-view mirror is digging into the track and then sticking all the way up. It is hitting hard enough that the track is actually bowing out. Problem is, I can only find two screws, dead center in the door on the bottom of the window, that both hold and move the window. There is very little adjustment in them; loosening them and tilting the top of the window back towards the B-pillar and re-tightening them did not seem to help much. Anybody have any ideas on how to keep it from tilting and digging in as I roll the window up?
2010-07-23 01:08:21
I didn't pay much attention when I replaced my driver's side window after a break-in and ever since then mine does the same thing. I hold the window towards the B pillar as I roll it up to avoid issues. I'm going to take care of it someday. Mine happened even with brand new door and window seals.

What might help a little is to use some baby power or similar in the B pillar rubber track and on the window to help it slide without any hangups.

If you find a definite solution though I'd like to hear it.

Now that I think about it, maybe try lubing the front track with the baby powder too to try and prevent it from snagging as well? That rubber window seal comes with similar powder when you buy it and they are very smooth so you're not doing anything exotic.
2010-07-24 05:05:09
Well, somehow I fixed it, at least temporarily. As mentioned above, the window is attached to the slider by two bolts. After lots of fiddling, the thing that finally worked is I took out the bolt closer to the side-view mirror and then rolled it up and down a few times. I guess it settled into its appropriate slot and when I put and tightened the bolt back down, it stayed nice and easy. I hope it stays that way!
2010-07-24 12:43:09
Thanks for the update. I'm gunna have to deal with this at some point too.
2010-07-24 13:00:00
Ok, I've got the same problem on the driver's door (93 se-r 2dr.) and took my door apart only to find the same as you guys, no provision for adjustment! So I ended up Lubbing the tracks and it was better, but still obviously moving away from the b-piller, and then buttoned it all back up.
A couple of day's later I was looking in my factory service manual (yes I'm lucky enough to have gotten one) and what they say to do is to actually flex that runner in the middle forward or backward to make the adjustment.
See I did the same as you, and was looking to loosen those center bolts, but realized they made no provisional slotting for that!? So I haven't taken the thing apart since I read that, but the first guy who does, let us know if that factory cheeze ball fix does it.
Another thing I was just thinking after watching that sissy track
"flex away" from the b-piller, would be to just fab up a little extra brace to help give it some back bone so to speak? I'm giving that a lot of though.
2010-07-24 13:34:44
That factory fix actually seems like it's worth a shot.
Sweet info.
2010-07-24 14:52:06
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Thanks for the update. I'm gunna have to deal with this at some point too.

Give it a whirl. As long as you have a power screwdriver to take out the door panel screws, it should only take 10 minutes to test it out.
2010-07-24 15:19:13
Originally Posted by BenFenner
That factory fix actually seems like it's worth a shot.
Sweet info.

Yeah well, the factory track seems a little too much like my brother in law, too floppy lol

Let us know if it works before I go and take out the dozen screws again...
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