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Thread: Bogging

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2010-07-18 05:25:34
My car drives fine for the first like 10 minutes. Afterwords it starts bogging really bad when i press the throttle. I changed both fuel hoses. I changed the spark plugs wires. We checked the fuel pressure. Its like 37 at idle and a little over 40 during open throttle. I drove it like that for a little, then it wouldn't idle at all. I think both O2 sensors are fine. Any ideas?
2010-07-18 06:30:11
is this with your b15 ve?
2010-07-18 14:54:26
Yes, Also, timing is set to 15 degrees. A few days ago i tried to splice the b15 IACV connector the the VE AAC and it didn't work. Maybe i soldered the wires bad on the b15 IACV connector. When the IACV is sensor is not plugged in to the connector the car idles erratically for a like a few seconds then dies. Before the splicing the car drove sort of fine. Afterwords, it would drive for around 10 min then start driving erratically when pushing on throttle. Now the car doesn't idle. My guess is that it's either the distributor or i didn't solder the IACV connector back together correctly. Any suggestions?
2010-07-18 16:25:00
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