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Thread: ECU code : P0000

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2010-07-19 15:16:24
Originally Posted by neptronix
So weird, i can only imagine that it's due to your ecu swap, and it's triggering a nameless general fault.

What he poled shows that there is NO fault in the OBD channel. The CEL is controlled somewhat seperately. So it could be bad wiring if swapped or other things.

Originally Posted by Cliff
The P11 ECU is a 2000+ ECU, correct?

There are vast differences between the OBDII pre-98 and post-98 ECU's...

Isn't the 99P11 Ecu the same as the 95-97 OBDII SE-R ecu?

The 99 P11 is like the b14 ecus. In 2000 is when it changed significantly.
2010-07-19 15:18:48
Originally Posted by Wayne
Well I did go from a 99 ecu to a P11 ecu. But both ecus are OBDII and I'm still useing a Scan Gauge.. as I used with the 99 ecu. So I don't understand why it would not read....


Why did you change? And money is on that the CEL is due to wiring.
2010-07-19 22:19:56
Because I swaped from a lowport to a high port head and got rid of all the emissions shet.
2010-07-19 23:44:19
HUH? A P11 (00+) ecu has more to it and is for roller (lowport) motor and a stepper motor IACV.

I put money on something wrong in wiring causing the light to be on.
2010-07-20 07:11:34
its like on my b13 once i got check engine light on. and it was code 55 looked it up and was normal operation. weird
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