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Thread: ECU code : P0000

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2010-07-18 00:17:26
ECU code : P0000
Has anyone ever thrown this code before? And what does it mean.... first time for me and I have no idea what it means. I couldn't even find little to know info about it.
2010-07-18 00:38:09
I searched and found:

P0000 - No Self Diagnostic Failure Indicated
2010-07-18 00:40:24
But what exactly does that mean?
2010-07-18 00:51:47
No faults found. On newer cars with CAN bus, 0000 is a CAN communications fault. That means that not all devices (or your reader) can properly be seen on the databus.
2010-07-18 00:55:57
Well I did go from a 99 ecu to a P11 ecu. But both ecus are OBDII and I'm still useing a Scan Gauge.. as I used with the 99 ecu. So I don't understand why it would not read....

2010-07-18 01:14:15
Facepalm... You have NO FAULTS FOUND.

You do NOT have a CAN bus.
2010-07-18 06:41:44
lol... is it triggering a check engine light?
2010-07-19 00:59:18
Originally Posted by neptronix
lol... is it triggering a check engine light?

Exactly.... Why tho... I just don't understand why it would at all.
2010-07-19 04:37:53
So weird, i can only imagine that it's due to your ecu swap, and it's triggering a nameless general fault.
2010-07-19 14:16:45
The P11 ECU is a 2000+ ECU, correct?

There are vast differences between the OBDII pre-98 and post-98 ECU's...

Isn't the 99P11 Ecu the same as the 95-97 OBDII SE-R ecu?
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