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Thread: Engine may be dead!

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2008-02-17 18:34:44
Well guys i cant get a Camera. Sorry I know pics are NEATO. So here is whats up two rocker arms are brokenin half. One is an intake and one is and exhaust. Cams look fine. So far this is the only damage I see. I have a friend with some rocker arms so I am working on getting those. What I dont understand is how the arms break unless it is from the valve hitting the piston. Can the arms simply break from that RPM if all clearences are kept. ????? That and could there also be the problem of a blown head gasket due to increased presure or blown piston rings from that high RPM. The engine has been amazing and if it turns out there is more damage I wont be to upset because it has done so well for so long 233,744 miles on her. Well guys I am back to work.
2008-02-17 20:32:55
Originally Posted by 96SERTurbo
I did the same EXACT thing about 5 months ago. My foot slipped off the clutch after I made a shift from the top of third into second. It stayed at 10K or so for a good 2 seconds. I tossed every rocker are, which in turn chewed up my cams and cracked my valve cover. Don't turn the motor over any more. There is a GOOD possibility that there is no other damage. Typically, the rockers arms come out before the valve will float and hit the piston. I recommend finding the spare parts, putting it back together, and checking compression. Many people always mention the possibility of jumping a tooth, but that is really tough to do. It's hard to check as well. Get it back together with new rocker arms, lash pads, and cams. Check compression, and see how it runs. Then worry about further work if needed.

this is the reason we do not recommend using rocker arm stoppers. the rocker arms just pop off on mis shift, while the rocker arm stoppers keep them there and can actually cause more damage than without.
2008-02-17 23:30:16
Well i have to pull cams to replace the rockers. A friend gave me two old used ones from a high port NX 2000. They look slightly different and are quite worn. Mine almost look perfect. I feel they could cause more harm then good. I am sure mine have worn some and that brand new ones will be different too. Maybe I should replace all of them. I heard that a friend of mine really benefited from replacing all of his. Sucks I still don't know if a valve hit eigther. I used a magnet to check cylinders but only seemed to pull up what looked like some carbon build up. I am not sure what to do. I am thinking now based on the miles it has and me always wanting a VE to just get the VE. Take this engine tear it down and build it later into a nice turbo project. Mind is racing with thoughts right now considering this car is my DD. Getting to work tomarrow should be fun!
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