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Thread: Replacing a speed sensor?

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2010-07-17 13:35:06
Replacing a speed sensor?
Hey everyone, need some quick help. Has anyone has experience replacing the speed sensor on a '93 NX2000? I have no problem doing it myself, but Im not sure if the tranny needs to be dropped, or could I tackle it in my driveway with some basic tools?

Im picking up yet another NX, but this time my I'm buying it for my girlfriend. The only problem with the car is that the speedo/cluster doesn't work. The previous owner told me he had "Canadian tire auto" look at it, and they said the transmission needed to be lowered for them to replace the busted speed sensor on the tranny... which would cost the previous owner $1500 in labor. But sometimes shops just say that and end up doing it without lowering the tranny down. I have never heard of this part failing, the shop he took it to told him it was a plastic gear that broke off, but im pretty sure plastic gears were in the B14's, but i could be wrong.

Or maybe the cluster is just busted, Ive owned 3 NX2000's and none of them had a cluster problem. Meh, first time for everything i guess....

Anyone do this on their own or is it a bitch of a job to do?

Thanks for the help guys.
2010-07-17 13:38:30
All the speed sensors I've ever seen had plastic gears. I'm pretty sure they all do. However you might want to make sure it's not the speedo cable that's the problem, or the gauge cluster. You know, do some diagnostics.

You can reach that baby from above (if you remove the air box and such) and you can also gain some access from below. Actually a lot of people fill the transmission fluid from there because they find it easy enough. The less extra stuff in your engine bay the better. You might want to remove the charcoal canister for more access from below. It's not bad at all once you have everything out of the way.

No way would I remove the transmission for this job. Good luck.
2010-07-17 13:58:44
Thanks man, thought it was simple. The 93 NX2000's had electric speedo's, cables were in the 91-92's i believe...or maybe just the 91's. What a bitch that is to change!

Anyways, thanks for the re-assurance man. Some shops make it sound soooo hard.
2010-07-17 14:45:10
Yah I wasn't sure if the '93 NXs got the electric speedo or not. That will make things even easier to diagnose/replace.
2010-07-17 15:17:54
Yeah the 93's are electric and easy to get to, BUT sometimes they're a pain to get out. They can be stuck in there pretty good.
2010-07-17 17:25:23
yeah, might just replace the dash too if it makes things easier hahaha!

i rather replace a cluster then a sensor tho.
2010-07-17 19:18:53
Originally Posted by AaroNX
Yeah the 93's are electric and easy to get to, BUT sometimes they're a pain to get out. They can be stuck in there pretty good.

True,I had to drop the tranny to get mine out after trying with it in.
Even with the trans out,it was a MOFO.
Good luck,maybe yours will come out easier than mine did.
Its a tight squeeze in there to do it without dropping the tranny,but it can be done with small hands and alot of patience.
2010-07-18 00:35:15
Thanks man, im hoping for the best,lol. i might tell my girlfriend to do it instead, smallest hands I have ever seen. Maybe thats why she wanted to become a mechanic haha
2010-07-18 02:02:00
You can get it out with the trans in, Its a pain but with the right tools you can get it out.
2010-07-18 02:42:04
Take off the drivers front wheel and you can go straight in under the fender/wheelwell.
Just look in there you will see what I mean.You just kinda fillow the tierod to see it.
I am not sure if I had to take off the splash sheild or not.
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