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Thread: Need some help - long, but please read!!

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2010-07-15 01:32:07
Need some help - long, but please read!!
Alright, got my rebuilt motor put back in, got oil pressure, then tried to fire it up! Got lucky the first crank, but not so lucky thereafter. First day with motor in, cranked and fired up very first time. Good luck, some would say. Not me, after the first run it shut off and would never start again. Okay, no problem, I have a leaking injector(s). Pulled the fuel rail, pressure tested it @ 42 lbs, dropped and held @ 36 lbs WITHOUT any leaks of the injector(s).

Next was compression. I did it on a cold motor just to make sure I didn't have a dead cylinder. All cylinders were dead on @ 110 pounds - READ cold motor! So, I know there is compression.

After that was fire. Tested igniter, good. Tested coil, good. Cap and rotor, good. Went to the end of the wire(s) and attached each spark plug to a wire. Every single wire sparked with the same color at each cylinder. So, I have fire.

Now, I figured after that maybe it was timing. When assembling the motor, I did everything @ the colored links, all was good. So I pulled the valve cover and counted my cam gears between intake and exhaust "dots". Yep, 20 pins.

Finally, if I UNPLUG my fuel pump relay, the fuel pressure drops (obviously). After pressure drops to around 20psi or so, it will attempt to start. Begins to fire and I can hear it through the exhaust. Every now and then I can get a 300-400 start up but once I kill the key, it just stops. Not even trying to run by itself. So obviously my injectors are dumping too much fuel. I ohmed out ALL 4 injectors, and the common #3 ohmed @ 24.2 ohms. All other injectors ohm @ 11.1-11.4 dead on. But I surely wouldn't think that 1 injector would keep it from even starting. So I pull my plugs and peak into my cylinders and they are wet, but not soaking wet. Fuel is NOT standing, but you can easily tell it is present.

ANY IDEAS?!? This thing is really getting to me, I can only work on it during my nights off, so I've had maybe 3 hours of 3 nights dicking with this thing OVER and OVER again. Took tonight off to maybe re-think some things. Thanks for reading, I just figured it would get a lot of the questions out of the way.
2010-07-15 16:46:36
You have fuel and spark. What about the timing between the two? When you checked the cam timing, that was at TDC, right? How about the position of the plug wires on the dizzy cap? Any chance the dizzy is timed wrong?
2010-07-15 17:02:04
Timing is correct, 20 links. And yes that was at TDC. Definately correct on my distributor cap, double and triple checked.
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