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Thread: Oil pressure gauge

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2008-02-14 22:32:41
Nice gage set up...i am more partial to setting it up on the pillar though
2008-02-14 22:40:57
Originally Posted by classicaddict
i would NEVER have fluids running inside my car.

check out the prosport gauges. only complaint i have EVER heard was that they are hard to see in day light............but they now make clear face gauges. all of them are electric and pretty damn cheap.


I agree, only mechanical gauge I am running in my car is my boost/vac gauge.
2008-02-14 22:49:35
X2 , oil in the cabin is a NO , NO.

Boost is OK cause its just air but Oil is a whole diffrnt story.
2008-02-14 22:54:45
eh i tihnk thats a matter of opinion
2008-02-14 22:58:56
I run a mechanical in my pillar with SS lines. I just needed a 45 degree fitting for it to fit and it worked like a champ. Just saying.
2008-02-15 01:26:23
All these people sayikng that oil in your car is bad...have you ever ran a Mechanical gauge???

Ive run one in my car for 3 years now and have never had one problem at all! The line actually did start to leak a DROP or two at the 2006 convention after 2 years of use. But a trip to a local autoparts shop and 5 minutes took care of that problem. I use the Teflon line also with no problems.

Rabidracoon- how are you wrestling with the line?? Straighten the line out and then run it whereever you want it to run...its not that hard. Als you dont have to tighten the ferrules down really tight. A few turns does the job.
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