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Thread: Possibly hitting up the track saturday...again

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2008-02-13 20:30:06
Possibly hitting up the track saturday...again
Well guys tommorrow im making my custom solid dogbone mount to clear my downpipe, This should solid up the motor and tranny very well along with the extra beefy modified rear motor mount bracket in the back it should stay solid. I will also be installing es front swaybar bushings being mine are quite worn and that should solid up the front some.

Not going to rush things this time, i tend to get a little excited when i go being i dont get to go very often. Gonna drop the tire pressures first thing and go over the mount bolts and make sure they are tight. Gonna ease it through first and into second on the first runs to get a trap speed idea and if things go good i will slowly get more aggressive on the launch and through first and second gear.

I dont think i should have anything to worry about this time, new tranny is in great shape and feels really good. Plus the extra support. I will keep you guys posted. i will take pics of my custom front dogbone mount also. Maybe i could make them and sell them if you guys think it looks good enough.
2008-02-14 00:25:18
Good luck man. It's all about experience. The more runs you make the faster the car will run.

Just to ask why didn't you put this in the drag racing section? It's kinda bare.
2008-02-14 03:58:23
yeah i have alot of drag racing experience but i havent been able to go for a while and not with this fast of a car. its a whole different ballgame with this one compared to my old se-r and my mazdaspeed protege. i think as long as the things ive done take care of the wheel hop problem then i shouldnt have anything to worry about and should be able to run it full out after a couple passes and not have problems. Last time i went was a nightmare. didnt even get one good pass because i broke the rear of the tranny where the bracket mounts to. so im gonna double check them this time before starting. i think i should do fairly well. again lots of experience and im a freakin good driver. just need the tranny to hold up. haha
2008-02-14 16:20:42
Oh I see. I'd highly suggest slicks since you're turbo man. You're gonna have a really hard time getting anywhere on street tires.
2008-02-14 17:16:39
well i know i need slicks to fully run what the car is capable but dont have any and i would like to see what some good driving can pull off on street tires mainly to get an idea of where im at. i know at the very least i should be using drag radials but im gonna see what easing it through first gear will do. On the streets there really is no first and second it just spins

I ran it on my friends gtech and just easing out of the whole to get the car moving and then punching it and spinning through first and second netted me 13.0 @115mph I know i should get alot more traction on an actual track. The one im going to is usually prepped pretty good and quite sticky which caused my wheel hop the first time i went. It never wheel hops on the streets.

But again i wasnt running a front dogbone mount and didnt lower the tire pressures and had worn out front swaybar bushings. All these things that ive corrected should take care of the isssue so we will see how it goes.

I will have a lot of videos up when i get back if all goes well. haha should be fun. car feels really really good
2008-02-17 23:15:57
went and had a blast. see drag racing section for the results.
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