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Thread: Flywheels Aluminum vs. Chromoly

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2010-05-28 20:19:07
Originally Posted by wnwright
I call BS on the aluminum is more prone to warping in extreme heat. You are able to have more aluminum mass for the same weight flywheel. Also the inserts are steel taking most of the heat then dissipate it to flywheel. If the flywheel were designed completely flat then yes it would have a warpage issue, but they aren't. They have steps cut in the negate this problem.{/QUOTE]

Ahhh.. i did not know that. Consider me educated. I didn't know thy generally came with steel surfaces.

I know of MANY applications where aluminum is used in extreme heat scenarios and many of them I can't discuss.

I have ways of makink you talk.
2010-05-28 20:24:54
Originally Posted by neptronix
3. evens out pulses from the engine
4. makes clutching in from a dead stop a little easier, IE the car will not instantly die if you're at the wrong throttle% / rpm

a flywheel is not there to even out pulses form the engine. Again a flywhee is there for 2 reasons and that it.
2010-05-28 20:26:16
Dre the OEMs would disagree with you there.
From an enthusiast point of view I see your point. =]
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