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Thread: Lowport EGR questions?

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2010-05-27 20:36:48
Lowport EGR questions?
Been searching all morning and just have a couple of questions about the lowport removal.

So we have:
1. Red line
2. Blue line
3. Green line

I understand that the green and blue can be plugged no problem, but what about the red line that goes to the evap canister? Also been reading and is it a 68k or 100k ohm resistor to clear the CEL? Anything else I need to know for removal of EGR on a 99 G20?
2010-05-28 05:47:03
Yeah.. here's something you oughta know. Your combustion temperatures will increase and you'll be putting out more smog.
2010-05-28 13:16:54
Hobbs it's 68kohm resistor for your car. I know this for a fact and confirmed with JWT years ago. I tried the 100 on the 99 g20 and it does not work. Also your vac lines will be different from most other lowports because you have a MAP sensor. I think only the 98-99 nissan sr20's had the setup similar to the G20.
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