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Thread: idle issue need help : callin sr20 guru's

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2010-05-27 15:58:37
idle issue need help : callin sr20 guru's
ok i own a 94 b13 lowport and at idle in park or drive(yes automatic trans) the idle is loppy, almost like a big block with a big cam in it and running rich and no check eng light or codes

my question is what is the possible cause ??????????????????

ok what has been done to the car for performance and trying to fix the issue at hand ::::::::

retimed engine 2x just to make sure
leaned out the tps -voltage wise
header with test pipe and 2.5 catback exhaust
egr removal
upper and lower intake gaskets replaced
maf sensor
maf ground wire
o2 sensor
iac sensor
tps sensor
coolant temp sensor

hopefully this weekend ill swap out the ecu for the p10 ecu i got
2010-05-28 15:08:45
anyone ?????
2010-05-28 15:12:41
I'd say your iacv would be almost an instant culprit. What is your tps voltage set at when you say you 'leaned it out'
2010-05-28 18:06:41
I bet it's your busted ass motor mounts.
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