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Thread: Clutches and Your set up

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2010-05-26 19:59:20
I have always used ACT clutches and haven't had many problems. I did eventually break a street disc on my VE, but that was after about 15-20 track launches on slicks, so I can't really blame ACT for that one.

My G20 came with a solid 6 puck, the spline broke from the disc, so I got a sprung 6 puck, and not even a year into old, and it popped a spring. So I decided to get a new pressure plate, went with the Xtreme, and another 6 puck sprung, never had problems after that.
2010-05-26 20:37:02
I always run ACT XT pressure plate with ACT 6 puck sprung disc for high HP/TQ applications and for the T28 and under setups I run the ACT SS disc. I actually ran an ACT XTSS kit on a 415WHP/380ftlb setup for 40k miles with no issues on my B13 so that is a strong setup.

2010-05-26 21:05:40
About three years ago my car had in a ACT Xtreme PP and ACT 4Puck unsprung disk. At the time I was running stock B14 Trans, DET, T3/T4 turbo, and other supporting mods between 10-15psi daily and 20psi @ the track. Beat on it every major drag event(every other month) w/ 24.5 M&H slicks for about a year or so.

@ the end of 08 I changed the clutch disk to a ACT 6puck unsprung then used a new ACT throwout bearing and left the same PP in. Repeated the above procedure(racing and DD) until about October/November when I changed out to a bigger turbo(6262) setup. Car now sees 17psi DD. Has seen the track maybe 2 times since.

ACT Unsprung disk and Xtreme PP combo has worked out well for me. Havent had any issues (tranny damage,cable stretching) no clutch slipping. Supposed to upgrade to some 26" slicks soon, I'll let you know how it holds up.
2010-05-26 21:14:02
South Bend Clutch
Stage 3 sprung full disc
7k miles and counting @ 269whp and starting this fall 350whp.
2010-05-27 02:44:37
My VE car has B15 disc, ACT HD pressure plate, B&M short shifter. Holds great and feels crisp.
2010-05-27 02:57:16
I have always used ACT clutches. Extreme PP and 6 puck sprung and 4 puck unsprung. Never had any problems with any. Clutch started to finally slip after about 500whp topend plus it was an old clutch as i beat on it hard every day for about 2 years. Finally went with a Competition Twin disk and splines striped out on the disks after about 1100 miles of use and abuse.

Now im going with the same twin disk with s15 disks to mate up to the 6 speed trans.

Ive yet to blow any springs out of an ACT clutch.

On my first SE-R that was n/a with 155whp i used Spec clutches back in the day when they first came out. I blew the springs out of two disks within a month of each other, I went to ACT after that and never had a problem.
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