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Thread: How to bleed the cooling system?

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2012-07-19 02:37:59
Now when you do this, do you turn the blower on? Or just turn the heat all the way to hot, but leave the blower off?
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2012-07-19 08:29:46
Turn the blowers on

2012-07-19 09:40:58
the guys i know at a local nissan dealership raise the front of the car a little bit to aid the bubbles coming out....using the fsm....just makes it a little faster....i just park at the bottom of my driveway....lol
2012-07-19 10:33:23
Best way to do it is to jack the front of the car up a little so that the radiator cap is higher than the rest of the motor. Pull your temp sending unit or cts and fill the radiator until water pours out of the sensor hole.
2012-07-19 15:17:24
Lift the front of the car, remove the bleeder hole and run the car with the heater on
2012-07-19 16:46:36
if you fill it right you shouldn't have to bleed it...
2012-07-19 23:12:30
yeah raise the car because bubbles get stuck in the heater core and if i member correctly bubbles cant float downstream only upstream
2012-12-13 20:25:52
Don't mean to resurrect an old thread, but I have some questions.

Long story very short, I have a 2005 Sentra. When I get to a stop and idle, my heat slowly goes away, and when I start moving it starts coming back.

Sometimes when it gets really cold outside, I won't get any heat at all, and my temp guage starts acting.... different. It'll get to operating temperature and then sometimes slowly (~10 seconds) and sometimes quickly (~4 seconds) it will start rising all the way to H. So far it has come down every time it's done that, but I'm not holding my breath. One other really odd behavior is if I am in cruise control and the temp starts rising my cruise will shut off (not cancel, but shut off) and then come back on within a 1/4 second.

I'm trying to weed out possibilities and I've tried cozzmo's method (minus the bleeder bolt cause I can't find mine), but all mine seemed to do was get out some bubbles, but more or less the coolant level in my reservoir just kept climbing up. When I shut off the car, it slowly came back down. One other thing to note was my bottom hose was cold, while I could feel bubbles boiling (I assume) in the top hose.

Am I doing this right? One other thing that I feel.....slightly ashamed about is the fact that I couldn't find the part of the throttle body to rev the engine manually under the hood. I know what I'm looking for, I just couldn't find it to rev the engine up....

Thanks in advance for anyone who helps.

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