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Thread: Autozone starters, anyone have experience?

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2010-05-20 14:12:30
Autozone starters, anyone have experience?
So my starter has begun to crap out on me. When i go to start it, it sounds like the starter is drawing too many amps from my battery & is starting to kill it.

The starter will go dead for a split second and then crank. I measured the voltage it is drawing and my DMM reads 9 volts at the battery when cranking. It shouldn't read so low....

anyway i was loking for a starter and the only store that has them in stock is Autozone, and they also have a lifetime warranty, but my questions is would i be better off getting an OEM quality starter?

or would a lifetime warranty be better considering the warranty ( maybe the quality isn't so great ) .

i just don't want to have to keep taking this starter back to AZ every year because of the lack of quality.

Anyone ever buy one of these?
2010-05-20 14:16:53
I have, bought it about 2 years ago. Had pretty good luck with it so far...
-knocks on wood-
2010-05-20 14:43:25
I never had any issues with autozone parts. I usually just buy used starters though. I did buy an AZ alternator and it worked great.
2010-05-20 14:46:34
You'll be fine. Its still essentially an oem starter as they are rebuilt. Just take a look at it before you buy it because sometimes they get dropped or thrown around. We put an az starter in my friend's del sol like a year and a half ago and its still fine.
2010-05-20 14:46:51
cool, i guess i'll go pick one up...they have them in stock ( which is strange to me because when i had my Sentra, everything was special order ) ...
2010-05-20 14:53:30
also its a newer car, i have a starter on my 1.6 from autozone i think its been on there almost 4 years now
2010-05-20 15:27:33
I have one in both sentras. The import stuff is really good. The domestic stuff is rebuilt from delco/remy international at autozone, and doesn't seem to be as good. I think MPA rebuilds the import stuff for autozone, and I have zero complaints.

Back when I had my SER I went through 4 autolite alternators and they kept failing. Got my money back and went to autozone and it lasted until my friend wrecked it.
2010-05-20 15:52:03
this is why i <3 this forum lol
2010-05-20 16:29:02
A dissenting opinion here. Sort of. I haven't ever tried an AutoZone starter, but the bad experience I've with their alternators would keep me from even trying one. Their lifetime warranty only means I wouldn't have to buy another one. I went through 3 in a little over a year a couple years back. I have had better luck since with used altys from the pull a part. As far as I am concerned, the only thing an AutoZone alternator is good for is teaching you how to change your alternator. Maybe their starters are better, but I would be cautious.
2010-05-20 16:34:29
i have had my autozone starter on my b15 for about 2 years. no problems/hiccups here. alternators i rarely see a problem with, but we dont drop ours here. if its dropped, we send it back, dont put it back on the shelf.
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