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Thread: where does this coolant hose go?

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2010-05-11 18:44:36
where does this coolant hose go?
b14 avenir swap, hose was just cut and hanging off the w11 motor

For some reason I thought it was a vac line..lol but when I tried starting the motor coolant flowed out.. help anyone??
2010-05-11 19:06:24
wtf is that black bracket?
2010-05-11 19:42:11
It looks like p/s pump bracket or something. I'd cap it off, if your radiator hoses and heater hoses are attached, cap it off.
2010-05-11 20:02:25
There are 3 coolant hoses that I know of that are that small. The ones that go to the throttle body, the one that goes to the turbo. The one I think that might be, only comes on motors that are for auto trans, that go to a BS oil cooler.

Try and find another line that doesn't go to anything that leaks too, and loop it. If you can't find that then do like skcusloa says and cap it
2010-05-12 00:28:33
looks like it goes to tb. looks to small to be for the oil cooler or heater hoses.
2010-05-24 08:30:58
Originally Posted by skcusloa
It looks like p/s pump bracket or something. I'd cap it off, if your radiator hoses and heater hoses are attached, cap it off.

both hoses on the radiator and heaters are hooked up so I capped it off.. now I started the car and let it idle until the temp gauge was at at half mark but I noticed that the coolant was getting extremely hot and the temp gauge would stay at half mark.. I mean the coolant was smoking hot any ideas if there is any relation to the capped hose and this problem?
2010-05-24 08:43:49
dont forget det's run abit hotter then regular de's being that they have oil coolers. Make sure your radiator cap is good, your coolant in the the overflow has the proper amount of coolant, your coolant is fully bled, and your fans are turning off and on as normal.

do you have a stock thermostat? upgrade it to a nismo thermostat that will keep the temp guage a tad bit lower.
2010-05-24 12:36:31
The half mark on the stock gauges pretty much means warmed up. They aren't very specific if it goes much past the half and the little water squiggles then you might be on the way to a problem.
2010-05-24 14:51:50
Originally Posted by spoogy

I'm not sure what that is either and I agree with the other guys on most of what has been said.

One thing I want to add in, is above that bracket there appears to be another vacuum hose about the same diameter that isnt hooked up. Hopefully that isnt a vacuum line that hasnt been hooked up yet.
2010-05-24 15:18:30
That bracket is found on DET motors only. This bracket bolts up to the back of the intake manifold where there is to 12mm bolt holes, the third hole - bottom hole is not used on the FWD car as it bolts up to the AWD tranny. The coolant hose runs from the TB to that bracket and then to a niple on the heater pipe.

That bracket is used to bolt the fats idle - cold start valve to on DET motors
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