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Thread: Fuel line question

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2010-05-06 19:04:08
Fuel line question
I am installing my nismo fpr after my det swap and I am finding an extra fuel line?
ok I got
line to the filter ->from filter to rail->from bottom of fpr to return line
BUT on the charcoal canister (some sort of fuel purge canister that also has a vac line) there is another line that looks just like a fuel line, my question is where does this go? on a b14 btw
2010-05-06 21:06:05
I believe that fuel line goes from the charcoal canister all the way back to a vent in the fuel tank.

As the fuel warms on a summers day it evaporates and if the car is just sitting there the pressure needs to be vented. However due to emissions the fuel vapors are vented to the charcoal canister which traps most of the fuel. When you run the car this fuel slowly gets sucked up buy that vacuum line into the intake manifold.

Before emissions regulations were this strict, the fuel tank was just vented to atmosphere.
2010-05-06 21:22:37
you can delete that canister...idk if it is safe but I have done it on my car and no ill effects
2010-05-06 22:08:05
i deleted it also with my det swap.
2010-05-08 15:12:07
Ben said it, the canister releases the the fuel vapor into the intake when the car is at idle, or at least it is supposed to.

You might start smelling fuel when driving your car. I would put the canister back if the option exists.
2010-05-08 15:28:30
Yah I ditched that thing during the last engine install. Anything absolutely non-essential I get a hard on throwing in the trash. Less clutter, less to go wrong, less weight, less is more.
2010-05-09 01:16:31
I know the feeling, the previous owner topped off so mine was full of old fuel. It's like finding $100 bucks on the ground everytime some BS erroneous part Nissan put on my car goes in the dumpster.

I feel bad about the emissions stuff and I will probably get cancer or something from the bad Karma lol
2010-05-09 18:19:28
ok so I left the canister in all hooked up and simply plugged the line coming off the top(next to the vac line) but I hooked up the vac line
2010-05-09 18:34:57
Yah I'm not sure what kind of check valves are in the system but it sounds like you'll have a vacuum leak now. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Just hook it all up stock if you don't want to mess with it.
2010-05-09 19:41:28
There is one line from the fuel tank, one that controls when it opens and closes and one that feeds into the intake manifold at idle
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