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Thread: JWT S4 instal questions (little help over here)

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2010-04-05 19:04:41
JWT S4 instal questions (little help over here)
K So I put my S4's in Yesterday and drove the car around a lil bit. Sometimes it will idle and sometimes it wont. Im thinking its the ECU learning the cams. But am I right? Will the idle get to the point that it will Idle ALL the time again like it used to before the cam install? Did anyone do anything to help the Idle a bit?

Vacuum is at about 15 now. Is that supposed to be correct. I know I read somewhere that the Vacuum will not be as strong after a bigger cam swap. But i just want to be sure.

Also do you feel your car got stronger and stronger the more you drove it? Or should I be feeling what its going to feel like Imeadiatly after the cam instal?

Help me out here guys. Ive tried to search for these answers but got nothing
2010-04-05 19:11:23
Yes vacuum will go down to -12-15in/hg. The ECU will take a little time to learn. I felt maximum gains a few days after. Now the idling should get lopey, but it should idle....
2010-04-05 19:29:32
Reset the ECU yesterday after the cam install. Itll Idle better now. But it still searches sometimes and then will stall. It runs great all the way to redline and doesnt feel down on power or anything or break up. Just cant seem to get it to ilde reliably
2010-04-05 19:35:12
i personally would try to open the aac valve a little to try to maintain a little higber idle for now then set your idle to base settings, sometimes cams require a little higher idle to sustain the lopey idle

is this car turbo or na
2010-04-05 19:53:20
Looks like he's turbo.
2010-04-05 20:57:22
you need to bump the idle speed to at least 950rpm.
2010-04-05 21:44:17
Originally Posted by cortrim1
you need to bump the idle speed to at least 950rpm.

i agree.. i bumped mine up to 1-1.2k since i have 740inj idle vac 12-16ish..and make sure your timing is set to 15 degrees
2010-04-05 23:30:46
Woot! The ECU FINALLY learned the cams today! It idles 850-900 when warm now all day (knock on wood)! It has a mean ass sounding lope too! I told JWT I had S4's so they might have a program for it or something. I dont know. I test drove it yesterday at 14lbs and it felt slow as **** with no pull. Test drove it today and it pulled HARD at 14lbs! It shoots to and then hovers around redline and then you have to feather the gas until third lol. The cams definately need a day or so to get the ecu to learn them cause yesterday my car felt the exact same as before the cams. Today it feels like a beast with the boost controller not even on! I cant even run high boost cause it just spins! I love this car now again even more then before. Im glad I parked it for a year to just think things out and didnt sell it!
2010-04-05 23:47:16
iirc jwt makes a s4 na program but not a turbo s4 program.
2010-04-05 23:50:41
glad to hear you are back to liking your car and glad to hear you got the idle licked if you have a way to tune the fuel you might want to see if you can rixhen up or semi lean out your idle sometimes the cams need more fuel to sustain a steady idle but it sounds like you got your problem fixed
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