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Thread: hesitation aftert 2500rpm, car dies and dont want to start.

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2010-03-23 08:09:40
might be worthwhile to try and investigate some of the options presented above. There's still alot it could be, and ruling a few things out will definitely help identify the problem.
2010-03-23 12:54:54
Originally Posted by mrbass
Today, I was driving like for 10 minutes, the car felt good, without hesitation, but with some idle problems.
Then, the car lost power again, with hesitation when I tried to accelerate, and the car dies again when I was driving, I tried to start the engine but the car don't wanted to start I opened the hood, and the engine got very hot, I could not touch the valve cover and the intake manifold. I don't remember that the engine got hot like this time.
The temp gauge needle was always in normal (in the middle).
15 minutes after, I could start the car and I drove to the friend house, I left the car there.
After a 2 hours, I come back and the car starts like nothing happened. I drove to my house, without hesitation problems.

those sound exactly like symptoms of a bad fuel pump, the pump motor gets hot, start giving problems, cools off and works fine.
2010-03-23 19:31:55
Originally Posted by mrbass
I was driving fast, and suddenly the car began to lose power, when I tried to accelerated there was a hesitation, I shifted to lower speeds and the car doesn't responded until died.
I tried to start the engine but the car don't wanted to start, like a fuel problem. I pulled my car to my house (with another car), my car turned to the life when I tried to start the engine in my house.

I checked and found a exhaust leak in the 4-2 header (its aftermarket) because the bolts aren't tightened. I fixed the leak , but I still had hesitation.
I don't want to go out with the car, maybe the car dies again.

The fuel pump works, I hear the sound when I turn the key to the ON position.

any idea?

how much miles do you have on the car? Have you ever replaced the fuel pump? just because it makes the noise doesn't mean it's working properly
2010-03-23 22:00:50
At least take off the panel under the rear seat and look at the fuel pump connections. Sometimes they get corroded and all you need to do is clean them up. It happened to me.

By the way is your screen name (mrbass) in reference to a descendents song?
2010-05-28 03:11:27
same problem and found a corroded battery terminal, crack in fuel regulator hose and veeeery small crack in the fuel line above my fuel filter. fixed them and problem went away.
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