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Thread: Has anyone owned Just one type of SR20 B chassis?

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2010-02-23 06:42:59
Has anyone owned Just one type of SR20 B chassis?
I just realized that I have NEVER owned anything But NX2000's minus my first car that was a 93 GA16DE sentra XE! I used to always want an SE-r when I had my Sentra. I never found one. But I did find an NX2000 after my Sentra. I didnt know what the hell it was at the time. But I knew after reading that it had everything that the B13 SE-R had with better stuff AND t-tops. So I bought it! Then I fell in love with it. Since then, over time, since about 2002 Ive owned about 5 NX's but never not even once have I owned anything else SR20 powered. No B14's, no B13's, No G20's, no nothing! I think my next car will be a G20T! Luxery with the power in something that has a motor I can work on with my eyes closed. Is anyone else like me in only owning one type?
2010-02-23 06:49:50
I've only owned one (1) type of B13 chassis.

In fact, I've only owned one (1) B13 vehicle, my Classic SE-R, and have owned it since I purchased it new off the dealers lot in '93.

Drove the piss out of it earlier today running errands. Continues to put a grin on my face after seventeen (17) years of ownership.
2010-02-23 07:30:19
95 se-r and my 99 se-l over the past 5 years. I would like to get into a b13 or g20 sometime.
2010-02-23 07:31:00
Not just one here....3 b14's, 1 b-13 se-r and a p10 as far as sr20 powered vehicles go. They all have their positive and negative points and are all worth a owning. I think the
p10 was my favorite chassis and it had the least work done to it. I do love the b13's because of the weight factor but the p10 has a much better suspension design from the factory. The b14's were my first love. Get one of each, lol.
2010-02-23 08:57:46
im on my 5th b13 sentra. 2 91's 2 93's and 1 92. but this time Im doing a 4 door b13. POWER WINDOWS FTW!!!!
2010-02-23 11:54:40
just one b14 for me
2010-02-23 12:10:48
Just one B13 for me
2010-02-23 12:13:53
1 B13 Sentra
1 B13 NX2000
1 B14 SE-R
1 P11
2010-02-23 15:23:53
My 1st B chassis was a B13 with the 1.6 powerless plant, that's what got me into SE-Rs after that iv only owned B14s. My 95 that is DE powered and my most recent project a 97 sporting a VE. Id like to get into a B13 but I don't have the space for it
2010-02-23 15:37:59
Originally Posted by Viperoni
Just one B13 for me

Same. 7 years and counting.
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