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Thread: FYI: Nismo Fuel Pressure Regulator Types

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2010-02-22 04:31:15
FYI: Nismo Fuel Pressure Regulator Types
OK so I've searched, googled etc and this is what I gathered about types A & B.. so I'm just confirming and trying to pool all the info into one thread..feel free to chime in and correct if necessary..


Type A NFPR is a direct bolt on for both Highport and Lowport but some straightening is required for the lowport
click here for write up on install of a Type A on a lowport (FWD SR20)>>Kudos to SWISS


Type B NFPR on the other hand is a universal FPR and cannot be directly bolted on. It needs a universal fitting to be mounted.

the benefit of this is that you can mount the FPR at another/more convenient location while the downside is you have to buy the fitting (costs more)
2010-02-22 12:50:41
This should be an "FYI" thread.. might want to change your subject line. But good idea.
2010-02-22 14:07:27
Originally Posted by Wayne
This should be an "FYI" thread.. might want to change your subject line. But good idea.

done, thanks Wayne
2015-11-27 23:53:30
I know this is an old thread and I'm bringing it back to life.. but what's the difference with the us and jp at the end of the type a versions? There's about a 60-100 dollar difference
2015-12-02 16:43:38
My experience says not to buy either. I had one of the Type As fail on me and others have too. They used to be much cheaper, I think Nismo caught on and they raised the price. I was able to buy an Aeromotive AFPR for less and it is better made and can be rebuilt.
2015-12-04 23:20:42
That experience sucks but I never personally had any issues when I had one back in the day. Maybe the quality isn't as great? I just like the style of it since it has an em feeling versus having to bolt the Aeromotive to the firewall.
2016-01-06 03:35:51
For anyone who's interested, I talked to an authorize dealer today and they said it just depends on which warehouse that has them and the price will change accordingly.
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