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Thread: J30 Maf?

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2010-01-21 21:36:17
J30 Maf?
I read that the 300zx and j30 mafs are the same? p/n 22680 30p00

I pulled a maf from a j30 this morning but the pn is 22680 31u05. Are these still the same as the z32 or is this something different? Thanks
2010-01-21 21:40:09
does it say N62 on it, If so its the same. I believe all the j30's from 90-96 have the same maf as the z32.
2010-01-21 21:43:05
doesn't say n62. It says e61 instead. I thought they were all the same as well but this definetly has a different pn?? and im positive that is was from a j30
2010-01-21 21:44:25
what year j30 did you get it from?

Every j30 that was 1996 and below that ive seen had an n62 maf in it. Orange info plate on it.
2010-01-21 21:47:16
Answered my own Q


I am 100% positive this came from a j30. It must have been replaced at some point. Sucks for me. These worth anything?
2010-01-21 21:49:36
J30 from 91 to 96 have Z32 MAF

J30 97 has 95-99 Maxima MAF ( yes 1 year )
2010-01-22 05:22:31
Thanks for the info. Maybe add that to your sticky in the how to section. More info is always good.
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