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Thread: AFPR Vs Adjustable cam gears

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2010-01-20 07:13:59
AFPR Vs Adjustable cam gears
if you only had enough cash for either a AFPR or adjustable cam gears to go with the rest of the items on my "to get list", which would you choose?
heres whats on my "to get list" already..

zeitronix wideband
Calum rtv2 or nistune ecu
n1 cams
motor mounts
ssac header
light weight flywheel

setups just a stock sr20ve w/ crappy old hot shot header, short ram intake w/ velocity stack 2.5 mandrel bent exhaust and a calum basic w/ stock ve tune at the moment..

i realize what the cam gears do as well as the afpr, im just lookin for some opinions.
2010-01-20 07:21:30
Afpr I would not want more headaches.
2010-01-20 07:26:52
ya, i was kinda thinkin the same, cause i can use the n1's with the current cam gears, an just get them at a later time. i just dont wanna blow money on something i might not need right away
2010-01-20 08:00:12
For now, afpr. Great tool to have when tuning. Have the ability to adjust your AFRs with the use of your wideband, then get the gears to play with your overlap with the N1s. Your RTv2 with TunerProRT will be your friend when you dial it in on the dyno.
2010-01-20 08:29:15
ya. im going to try my hand at some road tuning, after all this stuff i wont have cash to goto the dyno right away lol, im thinkin i will install the cams last an get to know the tuning program for a while.. oh ya an i gotta go through emissions again this year an it will prolly be best if i wait to install the cams lol
2010-01-20 20:10:07
You might be missing out on some power with cam gears, but more importantly you might blow your engine up without the correct air fuel ratio. Even if that wasn't the case I think the advantages power wise from an adjustable regulator holds more merit. I don't think i'd trust my engine to stock regulator, but thats just me.
2010-01-20 20:14:56
well a stock engine will do fine with a stock regulator, but my engines slowly on its way to not bein stock, so ya i agree for sure

thanks for the reply
2010-01-20 20:56:45
I would get the cam gears. They will provide cam timing tune-ability sure, but even if you weren't going to use that functionality of them they do weigh less than stock right? I like them for that reason alone. Less mass in the valve train. I love it.

Adjustable fuel pressure regulator is straight up useless and doubly so with your setup. These people talking about running out of fuel and tuning and all that; I don't think they realize you said you will have a tunable ECU and what that means.
2010-01-20 21:06:27
i see, makes sense.. not to mention im going to be gettin a wideband so i will know if im running lean or rich or what not..

now correct me if im wrong, but arent the n1 low lobes similar to the sr20ve low lobes? like i should be able to drive the car if need be as long as im not beatin on it right?

basicly after i get all this crap its going to take me another few months to save up enough money to get it tuned.. but like i said before im gunna try to learn how to doit myself.. it doesnt look all that hard, especialy with map tracing an data logging capabilities.
2010-01-20 21:24:17
As long as you have a laptop to connect to the ECU then you're fine. You can accomplish sweeping changes to the entire Air/Fuel ratio operation the same way you do with an AFPR with a couple key strokes on the laptop.

As for the N1 low lobes... I'm not an expert, but I believe they are very similar to the regular SR20VE low lobes so you're absolutely fine there. You can putt around all day long on those things and get great drive-ability and fuel economy.
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