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Thread: Wont start when its warm

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2010-01-19 20:29:06
Originally Posted by D-Unit121
when its warm the starter works fine, the guades read its just the engin wont turn over even if i give it gas.... my maf pigtail has a broken clip but i have it rigged on there. the maf was recently cleaned and a used one should be here tommorow.

Won't turn over? You mean won't start? BIG difference. Not turning over means your starter can't crank the engine over. Make sure you clarify correctly! Which is it?
2010-01-19 20:30:39
the starter works fine... its just the engin will not start
2010-01-19 20:33:51
like i said before it sounds like you have a few issues, so far we've discoverd your CTS needs replaced (or was it just the plug?) and your maf pigtail needs replaced..

do you know anyone who could solder some stuff for ya?

when the cars "not starting" can you hold the pedal to the floor an it will start?
2010-01-19 20:43:22
i can solder it and what not i just gota find the parts. tonight ill be putting on the new hts but i cant find a pigtail for it.
2010-01-19 20:44:46
either a junk yard.. or give greg v a call..
2010-01-19 20:48:16
yah i gota hit the junkyard but who is the greg v guy?
2010-01-19 21:09:40
G Spec Performance - SR20 Community Forum - The Dash

G Spec Performance
2010-01-19 21:40:44
All signs point to coolant temp sensor, ignitor coil, or main relay. Main relay wouldn't be as likely I don't think, since the car has power to everything? I've never had to deal with this specific problem since I've never owned an OBD1 SR powered car.

Most likely scenario is the CTS, as others have suggested. If by chance (rare) it doesn't solve your issue, replace the coil.
2010-01-20 03:34:56
just go to the junk yard. it would just be easier that way. go and clip the pigtail for the maf, and grab the two sensors that were mentioned before on the side of the intake manifold.
splice and soldier the wires for the maf CORRECTLY... and blam. you should be golden.

P.S. Greg from G Spec is a good guy if you should want to or need to do business with him.
2010-01-20 03:36:19
well which one is broken??? sorry i didnt read it all... but wouldnt you think there is something wrong if it is broken?
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