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Thread: Wiring harness help

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2010-01-17 22:16:29
Wiring harness help
Can any of you tell me what the harness that goes to the passenger side from the fuel injector harness does? I looked in the fsm and it's connectors F10 and E101, but I can't figure out what it went to. I'm DE wiring my car lol.
2010-01-17 22:24:04
f10 is the tps. not sure about the e101 my diagram is out in the garage. Just so happened the f harness is laying on my desk in front of me.
2010-01-17 22:26:03
What year is your car? On both my 93 car and my 92 FSM the F10 is on the opposite side of the motor lol. Let alone a different harness than the tps.
2010-01-17 22:35:07
ok yea, that's for a b14, my bad. The fsm should say exactly what it is on the diagram.
2010-01-18 03:11:55
Nope. Like I said it shows that F10 connects to E101, and it shows E101 going back into the harness but I don't see it coming out anywhere. Like I said the connector on the end of E101 is a sensor type plug not the type that connects two harnesses.
2010-01-18 04:05:07
could you point me to the FSM you're using?
2010-01-18 04:57:25
It's a 1992 Nissan B13 FSM lol. The actual big ass book.
2010-01-18 05:33:10
I looked through the diagrams in the EL section twice and didn't see an F10 or E101. could you give me the EL page number, or better yet post up the page with the questioned connectors circled?
2010-01-18 15:48:25
EL139 and EL141. That's all I could see.
2010-01-18 16:05:47
knock sensor?
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