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Thread: Injector...Good or Bad?

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2010-01-16 19:30:22
Injector...Good or Bad?
Working on my fuel rail I noticed this.... Will this cause any ill effects?

Also... Once the caps are removed. How do you get them out? Also do the "O" rings need to be replaced once they are removed?

2010-01-16 19:35:43
i have like all my injectors are like that... they ok .... running 14psi no issed
2010-01-16 19:43:13
not an issue.
2010-01-16 19:47:07
It's pretty easy to get them out, all you need is a flat head screw driver.

2010-01-16 19:57:30
All of the injectors in my 1.6 200 is like that, I believe they are called pintle caps, I haven't had a problem with then in the 4 years iv e owned the car
2010-01-16 20:10:02
No problem - none of mine have them.
2010-01-16 20:13:17
Sweet... now what about the O rings? Should I replace them or just use the same ones?
2010-01-16 20:43:46
You really should just replace them. You can get away with reusing them, but you might get one that leaks. (This happened to me) If you have a highport, the injectors are easy to get to so if you do have a bad o ring, you can change it out pretty quick. However, if you have a lowport which I'm guessing you do based on your sig, the injectors are a pain in the ass to get to so just get some new o rings. I learned that lesson the hard way myself. I had pulling the intake manifold off down like it was my job.
2010-01-16 21:00:05
Well I have a high port head now. So changing is no issue. Here are some picks of today's project....This is why I asked. Thanx for the info guys.. And Vadim, worked like a charm.

2010-01-16 22:58:16
Check for injector leaks before installing the fuel rail and bolting it down. After installing all injectors and connecting the fuel lines. Simply turn your key to ACC but don't start the car. Go to the rail and see if it's leaking, good idea to have a towel under the fuel rail.

Also use some kind of lubricant to help not break injector o rings before installing the injectors into the rail. Do not use motor oil, it will eat it rubber away! Vaseline works, I've even used a chap stick before

All thanks to DCScotty for all these suggestions and helping me save a lot of time!

Looks good! You should have used black bolts too

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