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Thread: looking for this front bumper?

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2009-12-22 21:09:36
Can we get him to do a how-to on installing the P11 bumper???

Originally Posted by PEDRONX2k
kleensleeper sent me these in pm coutesy of him...hope he deosnt mind.... im realy stoked on the look for sure!!!! ive been trying to find a p11 lower lip for sooooo ong now that doesnt cost an arm and a leg....

2009-12-22 22:18:43
the blue one is way to ricey for me and the p11 bumper looks decent on teh sides but the front were it doesnt fit looks horrible.

you would be surprised what a steady hand some well thought out lines and a dremel can do.

i have a pretty big fmic on my nx. using the stock bumper and notching the bumper support a good bit. it may not appear that my fmic is that big but its pretty big, and im posative i could fit something bigger if i was to do another one.

my car runs awfully cool no matter the tempature. just some food for thought.

2009-12-22 23:20:03
It's still a work in progress stratton.As you can see....the fog lights & turn signals are not
finished.Can't make everyone happy & that's cool with me.
This is not a show car btw....
2009-12-23 03:07:15
I'm always willing to try new mods/ideas......
Modified p11 bumper.

2009-12-23 17:32:53
Do you have pictures of how you installed it?
And got it to fit?
Did you need to trim it?
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