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Thread: 6 Speed conversions

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2008-01-25 12:02:58
6 Speed conversions
So after following a gadzillion pages of fluff on the 'other' forum about using the 6 speed spec v box on a sr20, has anyone actually achieved getting one mounted up and driving?

I know its possible, i have a 20v box doing a fine job in my NXR, but after following the thread, it just seemed to fade away and lost interest over there. Im picking the 20v bellhousing is not going to be an easy item to get in large numbers, the number of 20v cars that were made was pretty limited, so i cant imagine they cast a couple of thousand spare bell housings and left them in warehouses, 'just in case'.

Can anyone fill us in if you got yours running, and where the conversion will go from here.
2008-01-25 15:56:36
Try G Spec Performance further down on this forum.
2008-01-25 17:43:30
ive seen one driving around, i hope you can fab the mounts yourself or you are looking at an easy $2k on top of the price of the bellhousing.

the good news is I believe you can use a 350z clutch...I may be wrong but if you want someone to do the work for you i can point you in the right direction. if you want someone to tell you how to do it yourself you may be waiting for a while
2008-01-25 18:06:54
Try here first.

Its been done.
2008-01-25 18:25:03
is there any comparison of the b13,b14,spec v transmissions
2008-01-26 04:36:08
I think it has been done, but in a b13 the spec-v 6-speed leaves like a 1/16th of an inch to the frame rail. The frame has to be notched to be useable, this is from what i remember reading. Please take with a grain of salt.

The motor and trans needed to bolted together and lifted into the engine bay in order to be bolted in. I think sr20turbofreak did this.
2008-01-26 10:30:54
Yea, dont tell the car mod police, but i did mod the chassis rail a little for clearance.

1st time today that someone else has driven my car hard, and he was rather impressed with the power, and loved the gearbox.

I usually would put the engine and box in at the same time anyways, but with it being close to the chassis rail, it would prob be a deffinate thing.

All i need now is to source a helical lsd diff head, as the 20v's were all specced with open diff, at least the 5 or so cars i have looked at the chassis plate, including my engine were all open diff. Although an interesting thing is that my gearbox is 4.7 ratio (im pretty sure thats 5th, not 6th), and all the cars i have seen and driven have been 4.1, which would suck on a VVL car, but prob be a nice turbo box.
2008-01-29 18:58:00
I've seen it done a while back, but the owner dropped a SR20DET into his SpecV. So he didn't have clearance issues.
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