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Thread: anybody replace, feed + return fuel line from pump to rail ?

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2009-11-21 22:08:18
anybody replace, feed + return fuel line from pump to rail ?
just curious, im not sure i have to replace it. i just had a leak at the end of my return and feed at the pump cover. i cut them both back and will have to drive the car tomorrow to see if i fixed it.

but me being me i would consider replacing both lines.

is it a rubber line all the way or is there just rubber hose from the pump to under the car where its a metal fuel line ?

ill check the fsm tomorrow just looking for some quick answers.


2009-11-22 02:26:27
Its a rubber line that goes down to the bottom of the firewall and then its all hard lines all the way to about 3 feet from the fuel pump where it changes to rubber lines again, Hope that helps
2009-11-22 03:04:51
Yep, it's hard lines under there. The short length of hose is there so you can lower the fuel tank without bending anything.
2009-11-22 04:35:46
I have to do the same repair...... I've never done this either,, yippy

I hope it's not to bad,
2009-11-22 19:35:11
the metal lines are cheap
2009-11-23 05:31:25
^^^^ and tiny. Seriously they look like negative 0.5AN
2009-11-23 07:16:05
You'll only need about about 6 feet of new tubing between the two, it'll set you back about $10. The anti-scuff shields from the OEM tubes probably won't fit over the new tubing, but you could probably cut them and electrical tape/ zip tie them over the new tubes in the appropriate spot. Pull your fuel pump fuse, run the engine out of gas, pull the rear driver's side tire off, be ready to spill some gas, be sure to mark which tube goes where, and it'll take about 30 minutes tops to swap them out.
2009-11-25 01:31:39
thanks for the info guys. i will most likely be doing this next weekend !

2009-11-25 12:55:26
You don't need to drop your tank! Just tape the new fuel line to the old one (end to end) and pull it out the bottom, then cut to approx. length...I left a little extra b/c the original length is only just enough.
2009-11-25 18:03:42
hm i wanted to run 1/2 inch tube from front to back ill look into this
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