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Thread: looking for rebuilt airflowmeter (22680-53J00)

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2009-11-20 22:32:50
looking for rebuilt airflowmeter (22680-53J00)
I've been searching the internet for a rebuilt airflowmeter. Nissan asks € 509,10 which is kinda not appealing.

Is there a good source for such a part? I'm not really interested in e-bay offerings, that is only because I would like to be sure the output voltage of the part will be as original and not willing to pay over 500 euro's for piece of mind.
2009-11-23 18:54:35
If you were in the States, I would be able to help you out. I just don't want to deal with international shipping.
2009-11-23 19:18:54
That's ok, international shipping I don't like either and try to avoid it at all cost.

However, I can find a refurb for 95 Pounds and that company happily adds 25 Pounds shipping while the real shipping cost, airmail, signed for, Royal Mail, is 13 Pounds. Also the warranty stays unclear and the person keeps replying with Autotek team, so I asked his real name, again no reply.

The problem is, I can get one for 140 Euro from this company while Nissan charges 509,10 Euro but the company itself is kinda ****ty in response and I just don't trust them no more bc it's a very sensitive device and if it doesn't work properly, the whole engine is messed up.

Soo, please tell me where you get it in America and what you would pay in Dollars, bc the cheapest in Holland I could find for a refurb was 180 Euro, requires a trade in so also gets well over 200. Which is kinda expensive for soldering 2 platinum wires.

If I would be sure it works 100% like new, 200 would be acceptable. But no company seems to be willing to convince me or give crystal clear warranties on that.

Any help is appreciated.
2009-11-23 19:30:34
The company I order through in the US is one you need a dealer account for. I am not sure, you could try rockauto.com I guess
2009-11-23 19:42:42
i have a good one 22680 53j00
HITACHI. its a perfect working one. i can let it go for 40usd + shipping. let me know..ive shipped turbos to netherlands before. its easy and i can handle it lol
2009-11-24 00:00:30
Your best bet is just to get a low mileage one here in the states as they are a dime a dozen and more often than not in perfect working order. Shoot I think I have 3 in the garage.
2009-11-25 15:32:38
I've learned that getting an upgrade ECU of some form would enable me to use any airflowmeter and adjust it. I think I'm gonna do that and for now I took the risk of just getting a second hand and it does idle and drive better now, so I hope the extreme fuel consumption stops here so I have time to find out what kind of ECU options I'll be needing.
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