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Thread: *Wierd Problem Electrical* Tach lights come on when Brake pedal pushed

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2009-11-20 01:03:49
*Wierd Problem Electrical* Tach lights come on when Brake pedal pushed
OK so this has happend twice now. Both times the farthest to the drivers side tail light bulb goes out. Upon it going out the interior fuse light normally blows. Replace the fuse and the bulb and both work. But when you press the brakes the tach (everything on the cluter) lights up. Anyone know of a Fuse or resistor or anything that goes bad and causes this problem? Its really annoying. Its almost like something is shorting out. But its not.
2009-11-20 01:22:13
Yes something is shorting out. Thats the only thing that causes fuses to blow. Recheck all your wiring, make sure you didnt pinch a spliced wire
2009-11-20 01:38:34
Good luck, I hate dealing with strange electrical problems. My buddies brake light stays on all the time in his 240SX until you start to accelerate, and then it goes off. Comes on again when cruising down the highway until you give it more gas - all while making this constant buzzing sound in the dash when accelerating only.
2009-11-20 02:12:13
Originally Posted by squabzter
Yes something is shorting out. Thats the only thing that causes fuses to blow. Recheck all your wiring, make sure you didnt pinch a spliced wire

Cant be though. Its gotta be something Nissan related. This has happend in two cars. My blue one and now this one. On the blue one i was thinking just like you that it was a short somewhere. But this came out of no where after driving the car 15k miles. I ran through everything and still couldnt find it. Now on the red car I havent touched any wiring so I know its not me...theres gotta be someone who this has happend to. Its not just a coincedence that this has happend on two totaly different cars.
2009-11-20 02:45:02
im gonna make this simple on ya johnny. The only way the gauge cluster lighting is any way close to related to the brake lights is through the bulb.

The only way this can happen is if the bulb filament breaks contacting the post for the running lights. This could cause it to back feed through the harness and back feed through the cluster lighting and ground through that.

Other than that i would say you have a wire rubbing through somewhere in the harness.

Is all the other lighting inside that is related to the running lights illuminate as well or just the gauge cluster.

If the fuse burned out on you then im sure all the lights are lighting up when the brakes are pressed, this is the only way i see there being enough amp draw to burn the fuse out.

LMK man
2009-11-20 02:50:29
When you hit the break everything in the cluster lights up. Nothing else though. Not the AC buttons or anything (may have to check on that for sure though).

On the blue car everylight lights up on the back minus the reverse lights. Even the third brake light. KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS HAPPENING WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE NOT EVEN ON.
2009-11-20 02:54:12
yeah exactly, It can back feed through the running light harness back through the headlight switch.

Check all the bulbs including the third brake light.

if all the bulbs check out good then start by disconnecting the harness going to the rear for the running and brake lights and see if it continues. If it does then you know your problem is up front somewhere. If it stops then you know there is an issue with the wiring going to the back that is rubbing through and contacting.

But im almost betting its a bulb issue.

Good luck man. I have my own electrical problem to figure out on a buddies truck that has been ghetto wired to the bone by stupid wanna be mechanics that owned the truck before my buddy. haha
2009-11-20 02:56:57
Its not the bulbs. Every one of them is lighting minus the one that always blows out but has been replaced.

I hate electrical issues. If it wasnt for that I wouldve been running Mid 11's already with that 18g and I wouldnt have started parting out the car. Its a stupid problem. But its a problem lol. Im debating just taking my DET out of the blue car with the tranny and selling it at a shell for stupid cheap.
2009-11-20 03:11:06
well then its obviously a problem with the problematic bulb wiring. Again just isolate the problem by disconnecting one thing at a time until you can pinpoint it.
2009-11-20 03:28:16
Well, its time to start unplugging things. Unplug one connector at a time until the problem stops, then you have isolated which circuit is the culprit. Shorts are the hardest problem to find and are very frustrating especially when you have to keep replacing fuses and bulbs. I'd start at the cluster if that doesn't work head to the bulb connectors. Hope you have lots of fuses
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