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Thread: Oil pan drain plug thread pitch?

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2009-11-11 16:51:10
Oil pan drain plug thread pitch?
Anyone know the thread pitch on the oil pan drain plug? Are these things universal? I was going to purchase a magnetic drain plug from Courtesy Nissan, but I work for Flyin Miata and we sell them as well. I can get it much cheaper through my work if the thread pitch is the same.

Wish I hadn't thrown that extra oil pan I had away.
2009-11-11 17:10:07
2009-11-12 17:12:12
Damn, won't work then. Ours are 14x1.5
2009-11-12 17:14:03
They're pretty cheap on ebay.
2009-11-12 17:33:01
I'll look on there, thanks.
2009-11-12 20:39:04
local auto parts store should have them for less than 6 bucks...
2009-11-13 01:56:34
Magnetic plugs?
2009-11-13 02:12:15
I got mine from ebay. Works great except the magnet is so strong that it makes it difficult to put back in.
2009-11-13 02:13:33
While I see no reason for the magnet (do I see a debate coming on?) why don't people just slap a magnet to the bottom of the oil pan and/or oil filter and call it a day? When you drain the oil you can drag the magnet to the drain hole and get out the stuff it has collected*. Oil filter is even better.

Old hard drives are a great source for flat, strong magnets.

*Or not.
2009-11-13 02:15:17
Temp Plug ....Works on every vehicle known to man....I got pretty good with them because volkswagons are always coming in with their pans stripped out.....aluminum suck donkey ball for oil pans...but last the life of the car when treated right.
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