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Thread: -27 off set

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2008-01-26 03:31:50
a 240sx with a wide body kit?
2008-01-26 03:35:31
for me, theres deep lips........................then there is OVER BOARD. i think a 3-4 inch lip looks crazy awsome as long as the wheel is wide.

my buddy had a camaro with 10inch wide rear wheels and a crazy nasty lip, 4inches......it ment business. an 8 inch wide wheel with a 6inch lip is plain stupid........maybe even boarderline ricer.
2008-01-26 07:30:38
I agree, 3 inch tops for me...anything beyond that is overkill. VW dudes run superfat lips and rubberband tires all while riding 5MM off the ground Nothing against that, looks pretty cool, but def not practical.
2008-01-26 07:34:12
Originally Posted by classicaddict
$10 says theres a new guy working at axis wheels.............and he owns a VW, has a bunch of peircings and wears pink shirts and a top hat to work every day

actually there is a guy like that there. maybe no so much pink shirts and top hats but there was a really weird guy there doing track support for james haha.

also my neighbor who wears $300 jeans and $200 dollar t shirts who is 19 with an 07 f250, 05 sti, an 08 ducati 1098 and 06 M5 used to work there.

to give you an idea of how they can think up amazingly weird stuff like this.
2008-01-27 19:06:24
Originally Posted by dcr1d3r13
a 240sx with a wide body kit?

i agree 240sx with those wheels would look really good
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