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Thread: -27 off set

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2008-01-23 23:41:08
-27 off set

axis racer-x. 6 inch lip, 8 inches wide, -27 off set...............what the hell would that even fit on?
2008-01-23 23:44:44
You would be amazed. Maybe a BMW or something.
2008-01-24 05:33:15
those are sweet rims probably look sweet on supras
2008-01-24 05:34:56
mmm...supra...sometimes I miss mine...

I could see either a supra or the right kind of bimmer for those.
2008-01-24 05:38:46
very true on the bmw
2008-01-25 00:20:39
I bet it would fit the NX
2008-01-25 01:33:51
my roommate wants to get those for his miata,
2008-01-25 04:40:15
i definitly dont think those would look good on a miata altho i could be wrong
2008-01-25 04:41:42
I bet a VW or BMW guy designed that thing
2008-01-26 03:27:42
Originally Posted by daveracer
I bet a VW or BMW guy designed that thing

$10 says theres a new guy working at axis wheels.............and he owns a VW, has a bunch of peircings and wears pink shirts and a top hat to work every day

^not makeing fun of VW guys.....i have plenty of VW friends........they are all weird as hell lol and like wheel lips i can nap in.
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