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Thread: Car floods when trying to start 2nd time

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2009-11-03 22:39:22
Car floods when trying to start 2nd time
As mentioned in the title, when I try to start the car a second time it does not start unless i give it a lot of throttle.

For instance, if i turn the car on and turn it off then try to restart it will just crank and crank and crank unless I give it throttle. Some times if I dont give it throttle it doesn't start at all and what I have to do to get it started is to turn the fuel pressure insanely low at like 25psi and then start it with throttle and then put the pressure back up to 40-42psi.

The car holds pressure well so I dont see any signs of leakage, I thaught that it could be leaky injectors but I have changed them with another set but same thing.

Car has been giving me this problems since the swap and 2 motor(both gtir).
So I believe it could be wiring but how can I tell.

Gtir motor(stock)
stock 444 injectors
nismo fpr set normally at 40-42
megan racing manifold
s15 turbo
custom exhaust.
2009-11-04 03:01:26
Is this once it warms up? Or just second time?
2009-11-04 05:26:37
how are the spark plugs, and what heat range are they
2009-11-04 15:52:05
Its just the second, regardless if warm or cold
Sparkers are hks platinum heat range are 7 and gapped.
Sparks changed numerous times, no effect to start up.
2009-11-04 18:22:04
Same ECU? Might want to check voltages at the Injectors to see if the ECU is telling one or more to stay on. Have you checked the return line for any clogs? Are the plugs wet after trying to start the second time?
2009-11-04 19:00:29
Replace your coolant temp. sensor.
2009-11-05 16:25:13
I have two gtir ecu, I will try and check the voltage at the injectors.
Will check the return line for clogs if all looks well for the injectors.
I will pull out on of the spark plugs today and let you know.

How would the coolant temp sensor cause the bad starting?
2009-11-08 07:12:20
it cant only for american cars... if your car is jdm and motor is jdm your fine.. leave sensor alone..

gti-r swaps usually need the resistor pack.. do you have that on?
2009-11-08 21:48:45
What kind of risistor packs are you talking about? Do you mean for the injectors?
I used the gtir harness to the primera, also my friend has the same swap gtir p11 and no problems.
2009-11-08 22:11:29
did you friend change the injectors? or are they the stock gti-r injectors..
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