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Thread: Car floods when trying to start 2nd time

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2009-11-09 19:38:20
same stock injectors. stock motor. and one of my ecu. I already tried both ecu with same results.
2009-11-10 00:02:08
Ask Your Friend With Gti-r To Show U The Resistor Box That Hes Using... If U Dont Have That Itll Cause It
2009-11-10 02:20:01
Ok, will check it, he doesn't know much about the car but I am sure I can ask the electrician about it.
2009-11-15 17:51:58
Checked the setup on my friends car and the wiring seems to be the same. I see a little box on the injector loom and on his as well. I dont know if mine is bad but will test it with a volt meter.
I will take some photos and post it up for a better reference.

my next step will be to test the voltage to the injectors when the ign. is on, when car has been started and when the car is turned off. And then I will also do the same for my friend car for compare results.
2009-11-16 04:25:01
awesome cayman sorry i havent checked up on ya.. compression test it ,and use another ecu maybe the one u got is fried.
2009-11-16 18:03:00
I have two ecus and both of them do the same thing. I have used each ecu in my friends car before and it works fine for him. Will try the compression test as well, but this has been an issue with two different motors not to mention that it does run rich and sometimes I have to put the fuel pressure to 35 or 30. Injectors have also been changed with another set of 444.
2009-11-16 21:55:25
I already tried different ecus. I have 2 and both of them do the same but works fine in my friends car.
2009-11-16 22:00:52
sorry if i missed it, but was there any verdict on your coolant temp sensor?
2009-11-17 12:25:05
Update from last night.
I did the voltage testing on the ecu injectors pins but not at the injectors themselves because it is easier. but what I found that the injectors always have voltage to them even when the key is out of the ignition. From the start I knew it wasn't right but to confirm it I did the same set of pins on my friend car and his turns off when the ign. is off and turns on when it is on. makes sense.

So my car is basically still dumping fuel when it is off. So the electrician may have used a shortcut to get my car working but not the right way. I will try to get this sorted with him because who knows what else he wired up direct to the battery.

So it isnt the coolant temp.
2009-11-17 20:02:35
i thought the ECU switched the ground on the injectors and they always had +12v, at least I remember mine being that way...hopefully someone else can chime in on that one....
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