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Thread: Let's talk Cordless Impact Wrenches

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2008-01-23 20:33:49
This is all you need.http://www2.northerntool.com/product/200338787.htm
2008-01-23 20:39:50
my friend has a dewalt and it is the best i've used so far
2008-01-23 20:42:15
2008-01-23 20:42:59
Ingersoll Rand is the beez neez. i have the 1/2inch IR titanium air gun and that thing is BEAST.
2008-01-23 21:18:06
+1 snap on 18 volt, spendy but the poo. Millwaki is also a good unit with good results for me.
2008-01-23 21:34:10
So what do you guys recomend for pulling axle nuts.

Cordless and plug in.
2008-01-23 21:46:15
axle nuts are always a bitch no matter corded, cordless, or air. I tend to end up using a breaker bar and pipe. We used a corded harbor freight to do Chris Scarpulla's engine swap down here for removing things like crank bolt and flywheel which worked great.

If you soak the axle nuts in pb blaster for days, maybe a quality corded...but still yet they get way too tight.
2008-01-23 21:48:43
Big John's Snap-On cordless broke my axle nuts loose when we did my clutch at the 2005 SERCA Convention. I was pretty impressed, that thing had mad power.
2008-01-23 21:49:20
PB blaster is great, Break fluid actually works better than PB blaster. It will eat through anything
2008-01-23 22:47:37
Originally Posted by Andreas
So what do you guys recomend for pulling axle nuts.

Cordless and plug in.

there is nothing that allens 18v dewalt hasn't undone

i have 2 other cordless guns that suck balls and the cost of them adds up to more than the dewalt so i wish i'd just got one tbh.

Another mate i used to work with had a good 240v plugin gun, but that went in the bin after abit of an exciting moment lying in pool of coolant when a split in the cable revealed itself
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